The Lastest from the Kitchen:


In this episode Kelly and Sarah make peanut butter cookies.

Get the recipe here.

In this episode Kelly and Sarah make Cinnamon Apple Bake.

See the recipe here.

Kelly's Kitchen Quick Bite - Harvest Acorn Bites, a great fall snack that's fun to make.

On this episode in Kelly's Kitchen we make Black Berry Bars.

In this episode Kelly and Sarah make sprinkle chip cookies.

In this episode we make Mexican Minestrone Soup.

See the recipe here.

In this episode Kelly and Sarah show us how to make Potato Wedges.

In this episode Kelly shows you how to make Stuffed Pepper Soup.


Kelly's Kitchen is a family project. An activity we could all work on, that incorporates a lot of our family interests: Writing, film editing, acting, cooking, and our favorite, eating.

We're blessed with self employment and homeschooling, which allows us flexibility in our schedule, so we can work on this together.

We love to find new family favorite recipes, and we want to share a few of ours with you.

We produce Kelly's Kitchen under A Mind404 Production Company. A 404 error is a "File Not Found" error on a web page. Many people thought we'd lost our minds for putting in so much time and effort on this project. Hence the name "Mind404". But it's been fun, and we're just getting started. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy making it. So stay tuned for the next show!

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